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Seven Dimensions Research Journal

Seven Dimensions is a null-result journal for behavior analytic practice. This journal and its editors brought this idea to light following continuous discussions about where "bad" or non-result research ends up. Often, these important research questions do not see publication, and ultimately do not help to inform the field on the brilliant ideas occurring in research. Here, these articles have found a home, where researchers can highlight their work, discussion where practices could have been different, and continue the important discussion of WHY these questions still hold socially significant meaning.

For researchers interested in submitting a manuscript of your research, Seven Dimensions currently accepts manuscripts with the following requirements. Manuscripts can be submitted to

1. Graphical displays are embedded throughout text rather than submitted as appendix

2. A statement that the manuscript is either:

  • Not previously published

  • Not in review elsewhere

  • Previously submitted but rejected due to findings from experiment*


*If submitting a manuscript that has previously been reviewed and rejected, please include feedback from previous reviewers


3. Figures, tables, or texts from other works must be permitted by copyright owner(s).


4. A title page is included with the following elements:

  • Name or names of all authors included in work

  • A clear title

  • Any affiliations associated with authors

  • Active email


5. An abstract that includes:

  • Between 150-300 words

  • Keywords related to the article


6. Declarations that include:

  • Funding

  • Conflicts of interest

  • How data may be made available

  • Ethics approvals

  • Consent to participate and consent to publish


7. Text should be formatted to include:

  • Plain font, 10-12 point

  • Page numbers

  • .doc or .docx


8. Abbreviations are not used until after first mention


9. Acknowledgements are included


10. References follow 7th edition APA formatting


11. Data/Graphical displays are in grayscale


12. Submissions comply with the BACB professional code of ethics and Ethics Approval is included*

*Retrospective ethics approval will not be accepted


13. Final grammar and spell check is performed


14. Includes a discussion about why the research is important for advancing the field


15. Discussion of how future researchers may continue research or improve research based on this study

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