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News from Sixth & Center

1/10/2022: Call for Submissions - Horror Anthology
Hey everyone! We are excited to announce that we are working on putting together a horror anthology for 2022! We are currently looking for short stories that have horror themes. We currently have NO preference in that regard. So, if you are an author and you have something that involves cosmic horror, thrillers, body horror, monsters, etc., we want to see it!

The call for submissions is open now and can be found over on our Contact and Submissions page HERE.

Thank you!

10/25/2021: Upcoming Release - Sunny Disposition
Hey folks! Shane again. We are excited to announce that our next release is called Sunny Disposition! We have worked with some Floridian authors to gather some interesting and varied works. A collection of poems, fiction and non-fiction writing, and even a brief screenplay, this anthology is designed to highlight the wonderful diversity of Florida. We love this place in all it's oddness, and we hope you appreciate as well.

This collection includes two of our current authors, Michael Paul Anthony and myself, and a host of new names that have some great things to say.

We'll be announcing pre-orders soon!

9/8/2021: Revised Table of Contents for QUICK Responses
Hey folks! Shane here. I just wanted to provide a quick update about a revision to one of our products. It appears there was an error in the publishing process that resulted in some copies of the QUICK Responses text having some incorrect information. After review, we discovered that the table of contents did not match the content of the book. We apologize for this error and have corrected future prints.

If you have received an incorrect table of contents, we have provided a downloadable insert with the corrected information here. If you have any additional questions or concerns, please feel free to email us at or message us directly in our contact form here.

Thank you for your patronage!
Shane and WND Press

6/20/2021: The ABA Supervision Handbook is LIVE!

Hello everyone! Shane again. It's been a long journey, but we've got The ABA Supervision Handbook out and available for sale! One day, we'll share the story of the trials and tribulations. For now, we are thrilled that we were able to share this book from Hana, Karly, and Yulema. We are absolutely stoked with the work they've done, and even more excited to get these in your hands!

Of course, we are working on lining up our next releases, so the work never stops. Be on the lookout for some announcements related to new books and other media in the following weeks.

Thank you for being here and for attending to these announcements!
Shane and WND Press

5/2/2021: An Update of Sorts

Hey folks! Shane here. I just wanted to share some updates. Things have been busy here at WND Press, and we obviously don't have a great way to communicate with you all often enough. We thought it would be good to have a space where we can provide some regular communication and information to you all.

The ABA Supervision Handbook

Recently, we had preorders for our next release, The ABA Supervision Handbook. We are so thrilled to have this in the WND Press line up, and we couldn't be more excited to get it into your hands! At the time of this writing, we had aimed to send out the orders at the end of April 2021, but we ran into a slight snag with our printing place. We should have the shipment in the next few weeks, and as soon as the shipment hits our door, they are going out. Thank you for your patience with us!

Upcoming Projects

Right now, Michael and I are working on a few projects and new releases for the year. We are really excited to announce them in the following months, and we think you'll enjoy them, too. Between books, magazines, A RESEARCH JOURNAL, podcasts (and a podcast network), and even a possible radio show, we are pretty swamped with content that will be accessible to you all. Hang with us, and I promise some fun stuff will come your way!

Anyway, that's the "state of the union" at the moment. Thank you all for your continued support!

Shane and WND Press

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