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*Sixth & Center Publishing does not own submitted manuscripts

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For Manuscript Submissions

Sixth & Center Publishing accepts manuscripts for review and consideration for publications. We maintain an open ended submission process where authors may submit works for review at any time. We may announce specific calls throughout the year for various author collections. 

We want to be clear: Any submission to Sixth & Center Publishing does NOT constitute an agreement with Sixth & Center Publishing. The author of the work maintains the rights over the work and Sixth & Center Publishing does not and will not publish the work without a formal agreement with the author in place. If it is determined that the work may be published, a written agreement would be discussed between the author and Sixth & Center Publishing.

Requirements for Submission:

1. There is currently no word or page limit for submissions. Sixth & Center Publishing publishes works of fiction, non-fiction, poetry, textbooks, and manuals and is willing to review all submissions.

2. If the submission has photos, please include the name of the photographer and permissions to use the photography with the submitted work.

3. There is no required font size or type for submissions. 

4. There are NO submission fees.

5. Authors may submit any number of works they would like considered for publication. If submitting more than one work, please attempt to include them all in a single submission noting each submission in the body of the email.

6. Sixth & Center Publishing does not accept sim-subs or multiple subs. We may consider reprints based on the nature of the original publication agreement of the submitted work.

To Submit a Manuscript:

1. Submit the work in either a word document or a pdf for review via email to:

2. Once submitted, Sixth & Center Publishing will inform the author of the receipt of the work.

3. Within 90 days, the author will receive notification regarding the work and whether it will be accepted for publication. If the work is accepted, Sixth & Center Publishing will meet with the author to discuss the agreement to publish.

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