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Shane T. Spiker, PhD

Shane T. Spiker is a behavior analyst in Ormond Beach, Florida. Shane received his MS of Psychology in 2012 and accidentally received a second one in 2017 in Applied Psychology. In May 2019, he graduated with his PhD in Clinical Psychology with a concentration on instructional design. He has provided behavior analytic services for over10 years in a variety of capacities, including working with dangerous problem behavior, sexual behavior, and medically complex individuals. He also enjoys a good cup of coffee.

Shane Spiker is also an American author, I guess? Floridian probably makes more sense. While in utero, he was kicked by a horse and irradiated. He was born in 1986, 10 days before the Challenger exploded, so that probably explains why he retains a healthy cynicism about the universe. He wrote a book called Anxiety Report, and practices as a board certified behavior analyst in the United States. He was born in Daytona Beach, Florida, which isn’t as crazy as everyone makes it sound. He has lived in this town his entire life, plays music sometimes, and does things that doctors do now that he’s a doctor. He’s also sarcastic, loves to read, and has a wonderful family that he simply adores. Boxers are cool dogs. Social activism is important. Kurt Vonnegut is the most human author to have existed, and we were lucky to have him.

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