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We are Mikey and Shane. This is our podcast: “I Don’t Wanna Hear It.” Original, we know.


We spent our formative years playing in punk rock and hardcore bands. But now we’re gainfully employed, career-oriented posers, and we don’t have time to fling ourselves off stages into squirming crowds of sweaty miscreants. Instead, we decided to do this show.


Every other week we upload a new episode where we tackle a topic related to punk rock. Our approach is one part informational, one part therapy, and one part dick jokes.


The weeks in between are when we upload our bonus show, “One and One Are Five,” where we run down our top five things of the week. Which don’t even have to be things we like and probably won’t be.


We hope you enjoy the show. Please subscribe on your favorite platform and share it with your friends if you do. And if you don’t… well, I hesitate to say, “We don’t wanna hear it…”

…but we don’t.

Mikey and Shane

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