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Full Circle

Full Circle delves into the complex and controversial topic of abortion, offering insight and support to those grappling with tough decisions regarding reproductive healthcare. It explores the individual impact that abortion can have on individuals while also highlighting their resilience and empowerment. While every story is individual, Dr. Diane Hernandez shares her story with a level of candor and transparency necessary for these nuanced discussions. With the landmark ruling of Roe v. Wade being overturned, abortion has become a state issue, leading to restrictions on reproductive freedoms in various states. Regardless of one’s stance on the topic, this book emphasizes that healing without remorse is possible and that trauma-related symptoms can be overcome. A primary concept in this work is that therapy becomes a crucial tool in processing experiences, reclaiming control, validating experiences of PTSD related to abortion, and moving forward in life.


Many are dismissed by healthcare providers when they report distress following an abortion and are left alone to "get over it". The APA still states that abortion does not cause mental health distress or symptoms. However, this book sheds light on the fact that it can in some circumstances. This book is for those that are seeking support and validation after the complicated decision to have an abortion. Again, abortion does not always lead to negative mental health consequences, but this book supports the fact that there are circumstances where it could. Written by a psychologist specializing in trauma, Full Circle emphasizes the importance of empathy and providing necessary help to navigate difficult times.

Full Circle

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