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Amazing Iceland: An 11-Day Driving Tour Itinerary

Iceland is an incredible country. From it's sprawling beaches, beautiful mountain tops, welcoming people, and incredible history, Iceland is one of the most unique travel destinations in the world. In this guide, Roz Prescott takes you on a quick but thorough tour of the country and many of its sights.


This 11-day driving itinerary is designed for exactly that; your first trip to the wonderful world of Iceland. Roz's account of their trip through the country, along with pictures of the sights and some great advice, is a wonderful guide to planning your trip.


Even if you aren't interested in visiting Iceland, this collection of experience is a great read. Funny, insightful, and full of fun facts about the nation, Amazing Iceland is a great read for anyone who loves travel and the exploration.

Amazing Iceland: An 11-Day Driving Tour Itinerary

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