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Quick Responses for Reducing Misbehavior and Suspensions

Are you a teacher, administrator, behavior analyst, or a professional supporting schools where misbehavior has a consistent negative impact on morale and student achievement?  Is your schoolwide positive behavior support system failing to meet your needs?  Are suspensions and issues related disproportionality growing?  If so, you aren’t alone.  But this book can help. 


If you are like most teachers and school leaders, you’ve received little to no training in behavior or classroom management.  This is shocking given that most educators leaving the field commonly cite issues with misbehavior as one of the primary reasons.  You shouldn’t be put in a position where you are trying to figure out how to deal with behavioral issues through trial and error.  This is ineffective, and inefficient.  You deserve better. To help remedy this, using the collective 80 plus years of experience in education, the authors wrote this book to guide you through a simple framework for embedding a system of responding to misbehavior in and out of the class that will improve both student behavior and achievement.


Listen, conquering behavioral issues, especially when they are prevalent across the school, can be challenging.  It requires a systematic and team effort involving both classroom, school leaders, and everybody else.  When there is a breakdown in even one part of the system, it impacts the rest.  The breakdown might be as simple as one classroom having a number of behavioral issues, or a well-intended administrator placing students in the wrong area following misbehavior that led to removal from the classroom. Sometimes this impact is small.  Other times it can have a large ripple effect that builds momentum like a behavioral avalanche and has a devastating impact on the climate and culture of the school. As such, you can’t really consider reducing misbehavior, at least not larger scale changes, without making the connection between what happens inside of the classroom to what happens outside of it.  In the most successful schools, classroom and school leaders prevent and address behavioral issues through a unified and systematic approach.  Therefore, it’s important that each understand their own role and responsibility as well as the role and responsibility of the other that help to make up this system. 


To make this book easy to understand and applicable to both teachers, administrators or anybody providing support to both, the authors have divided the book into two sections.  The first section is focused on helping the classroom leader (the teacher) better understand misbehavior and how to effectively respond to it in practical ways rooted in the science of human behavior. If you are a teacher, you’ll be happy to know that this book provides evidence based step-by-step protocols in the Appendix to guide educators and professionals through addressing a number of common misbehaviors. 


If you are a school leader, the second section is for you as it is focused on helping you and your team respond effectively to higher magnitude behavior in a way that reduces out of school suspensions through systematic approaches.  These practical approaches are anchored in Organizational Behavior Management, or the science of human behavior for making a positive difference in the workplace. 


Finally, if you are behavior analyst or any professional consulting in schools, the step-by-step procedures can be used as both a training and coaching tool used to bring out the best in educators. 


If you are struggling with misbehavior, why wait?  This book has the toolbox that you’ve been looking for!


"After reading QUICK Responses to Misbehavior, I feel validated, supported, hopeful and encouraged! The content is very deep and comprehensive, but the authors have made it very relatable. In the appendices there is a comprehensive guide for developing a classroom behavior management plan as well as a number of tools for addressing a variety of misbehaviors. I enjoyed the approach. I am confident that teachers and school leaders implementing the practices as they are outlined in the book will undoubtedly create a safe and positive environment. One where students will learn and where behavioral challenges are met with strategies that work."


Brittany Rampone, M.Ed

Behavior Interventionist, Former Teacher

Quick Responses for Reducing Misbehavior and Suspensions

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